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About ABC


ABC Social Solutions is all things Social Media + Graphic Design, Travel + Tourism, and Small Business. It is their goal to provide top notch information from trusted sources. Helping you grow with real world knowledge of owning a small business, and managing social media accounts with a focus on, but not limited to, the travel and tourism industry. It is their hope to create a community of likeminded people that believe in helping each other succeed rather than tearing each other down.

So whether you're looking for a resource to learn more about doing social media marketing for your small business, living life as a small business owner, or what the Travel & Tourism industry really looks for in a travel blogger and vise vera, ABC Social Solutions is your hub.

Helping Others Succeed


It's more than just a name. The ABC in ABC Social Solutions stands for Alana, Byron, and their dog, Coconut. It was important for them to incorporate their little family into their business venture. The team has grown since, but the idea that they are in this together has remained the same. 

Alana Bredahl


Alana was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and always had a thirst for adventure. She moved to St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands at the age of 19 with Byron Bell. In the USVI, it was easy for her to find herself in the Travel + Tourism industry as a zipline tour guide. It was there where she landed her first social media managing job and fell in love with the field. Soon after, she expanded her network and started working in the hotels as a wedding coordinator's assistant and as in in-house social media specialist. Since then, she started ABC Social Solutions, moved back to the states, and is always finding time to travel and do what she loves.

Byron Bell

Chief Operations Officer

Byron is your jack of all trades and all hobies. His deep background in business development and hospitality drive him to deliver the highest level of customer experience. Traveling and working with Alana and Coconut is the most rewarding part of the great adventure which is ABC Social Solutions.


Customer Service Director

Coconut was only a year and a half when she was found roaming the landfill on St. Thomas, USVI. Byron and Alana took her in while they were living on island and she quickly became an important 3rd member of their family. She now happily resides in the states, and takes on the winter with a brave face, puffy coat, and adorable booties.

Lisa Bredahl

Guest Writer and Small Business expert

Lisa originally hails from Michigan, but has transformed into an island girl. She moved to St. Thomas, USVI in 2016 and has enjoyed the history and culture of this truly one of a kind island. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and has performed professionally in several Michigan Dance companies. She has taught dance since 1985 and continues spreading her love of dance to the children and adults of St. Thomas. She is also a local tour guide who shares her knowledge of the history, culture and foods of St. Thomas. When she's not busy teaching dance or giving a tour, she enjoys sharing historical and cultural knowledge through freelance writing of articles and blog postings.


Office Morale Specialist

Dancer is a new additional to the ABC team! Her wagging tail and countless facial expressions have earned her the title of Office Morale Specialist. When the ABC fam moved to Michigan, she found her way into their hearts and into their home. Coconut and Dancer are two peas in a pod and truly make the ABC team whole.


What sets ABC apart

Building a community of knowledge

ABC Social Solutions believes that each business is different from the next. Not every business grows at the same rate and not every social media marketing strategy works for everyone. From first-hand experience of managing a wide variety of businesses and giving each client a personality, ABC has learned a lot about different marketing styles that work for an individual business.


It's hard to deny that travel is a hot topic on social media! More people now than ever are experience the world from the eyes of of their favorite travel blogger/digital nomad. ABC knows both sides of the coin, as the traveler and as the company providing the hospitality/adventure services for these bloggers to write about. You'll get a unique look at this rapidly growing field from both ends of the spectrum.

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